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i am sorry

2010-07-08 01:14:48 by Show-R-Studios

I was being stupid. Apologies for my past self.

::THE BUTTON:: is out!

2009-10-29 22:45:33 by Show-R-Studios

Go see it now! Please! Aww, thanks!

Hey guys and gals!
Just to save the trouble of anyone who asks a someone to scout their art submissions, from being yelled at that is. Please do not ask Mods to scout your art submissions. I know, it is a pain in the butt to have it sit there, but I bet you would rather like to not be yelled at, rather than be yelled at and have a bad rep for asking that.

.:Please Do Not Ask To Be Scouted:.


2009-09-17 22:38:43 by Show-R-Studios

That is all

New Game in Process!

2009-09-14 21:42:01 by Show-R-Studios

The last game I started, I realized was not fun whatsoever. So I started to make a platformer game based on the luvable P-Bot! "P-Bots Portal Express"! You play as P-Bot, trying to over come the obstacles ahead of you. Such as Angry Faic Bots, Blam Machines, and even Hackerz! Your mission is to collect all the good Portal Submissions (points) whilst staying alive! It is a 1 leveled game that has multiple obstacles and fun gameplay!

Current Status Update

2009-09-07 12:19:37 by Show-R-Studios

Okay so I have been working on a few things lately, and I just wanted everyone who ants to know, TO know what I am doing.
First Of All
I am working on my A Very Fairy Ending movie for a film festival. What is seen above is just a small portion that I have made currently.
Next Up Is...
Finished my calendar pic for the Newgrounds 2010 Calendar. I know that I am suppose to put the thing on the other page, and I did, so bleh. Though you can see my work on the fifth page of that link.
I am currently working on the menu for the Tribute Collab, however I have no idea if it is still up, but whatevs.


Current Status Update

Batting Average

2009-09-05 09:57:38 by Show-R-Studios

People, you need a batting average of 3.5 to make a collab!

"New To Flash?" Lounge Is Up!

2009-09-04 21:33:56 by Show-R-Studios

Hey all!
I made a new flash lounge that is meant for anyone who needs quick answers on anything about flash. A lot of new peopel arrive everyday, and we want to make sure that they all are welcomed! This can also be a place for testing out new games and showing off concepts. So c'mon down to the flash forum!
"New To Flash?" Lounge Link

Escape World

2009-08-23 18:49:08 by Show-R-Studios

Other than working on the menu for the tribute Collab, I have been working on my new path game called Escape World. It is basically under extreme construction, but it should be out by the end of next month or sooner.

Escape World

Tenacious D Collab

2009-08-19 22:18:38 by Show-R-Studios

Hey guys, we are looking for more people to join in on the Tenacious D Collab. In truth, we are looking for good animators, please make sure you have either submitted a piece or shown Ughanation some of your skills!
This collab is based on the song Tribute. So if you are really ready to rock out, join on in today! I am also currently making the bios for the collab so Email me your name (Username or Real) Age, Part, Favorite Band, and a description of you to me here.

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